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2 Corinthians 1:11

"You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many."

Prayer Requests

That God will bless both Grace Fellowship and Harper Creek Baptist Church in our desire to know His will and to walk in it. Colossians 1:9 "For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding,"

Pray for:
Harper Creek Baptist Church -
healing for the people, pastor search
Battleground Skatepark
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief
Alternatives of Battle CreekPray for
The Potter’s House

Home & Wellness Team being established

Keep Praying for These Folks

Vicki Hill Norma Augustine    Jessey Underwood
Jack Martin Gary and Norma Gallaway Roy Kidney
Judy Gillette Ron & Linda Barry Ron & JoAnn Kloack
Clifton Johnson Johnny & Eleanor Edmonds Shari Chaney
Ronda Masters Thom & Becky Miller Steve Robinson
Mary Ann Plato Bill Lohr David Lohr
Linda Irish Robert & Marilyn Sanders Carolee Hinton
Larry Sonicksen Jim & Caroline Kornoelje  


Homebound Church Members

Norma Augustine Lola Qualls & Charles Qualls Joan Blankenstein
LaRine Brennan Evelyn Johnson Gordy Ivens


Homebound Friends

Marilyn Midgley Billie & Charlie Grojean Myrtle & Maynard Cook


Recent Requests/Praises

Michelle Thorne-pray for her as she maintains a full time job and is back to school to further her education.
Jalaine Hargis - she has a herniated disc in her back. She will be starting therapy November 3rd.
Norma Augustine-she & husband Al are having some health issues. Pray for them both.
Judy Gillette - cancer now in lungs. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and strength and comfort for Judy.   
Shari Chaney - having intense migraine from change in chemo, pray for solution. Also pray she finds a church by her home in Schoolcraft.
Matt Sonicksen-will be having tests at U of M for unknown headache issues.
Jan Varga-she is recovering from surgery but has a bad cold.  Pray for good health.
Jenny (Sue Bennett’s niece)-she is having severe complications from her surgery in December of last year. She is flying to Mayo Clinic 11/20 & is scheduled for the first surgery on 21st but she needs 2 surgeries. Doctor doing the first one is trying to get the second one scheduled as well. If not she will have to go home and then return for the second. Please pray the Lord makes a way for both surgeries to be done. (11/25) Jenny and the family are in need of our prayers! She is critical at this time and has had only one surgery. (1/9) she is still at the Mayo Clinic recovering from one surgery where doctors found cancer. She will be undergoing a 5-week proton radiation treatment to try to reduce her pain. Jenny & her family need to recognize & feel God’s loving presence during this difficult time.  Please pray for them. Please pray the Lord makes a way for both needed surgeries.
Sally Hawes (Sue Bennett’s sister)- Had a stroke and has been moved to the ICU at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. Sally has an active bleed in the brain. (7/7) Sally has been moved from Intensive Care and her medical team is hopeful that she will get back to rehab by the end of the week. (8/5) she is having some complications. (8/26) has had a second stroke. (9/24) has had another mini stroke. There seems to be a setback every week. She is very discouraged.  (10/15) she came home! They are looking into home therapy.  (1/9) Pray for her physical & spiritual needs. 
Gary Gallaway- Gary has been suffering with dizziness since October and is not feeling any better. Pray he will get relief soon.
Sue Miller-had a brief stay at the hospital for low BP & dehydration.  Please pray for her
Donna Darling-she pulled a muscle in her back and needs prayer.
Laurie (daughter of Mary Ann Plato)-has had a house fire & lost everything. Please keep her in your prayers.
Jan Olson (HCBC)-PRAISE GOD! She went home 1/6 from a surgery that removed a benign mass from her kidney.  Pray for her healing.
Betty is an acquaintance of Jim Noel. Her sister is asking for prayer as she is in the hospital with pneumonia & has other complications. Please pray for Betty & family.
Thelma Mullens-she is recovering at home & has a long way to go so please continue to pray for her healing.                    
Ron Barry- cancer treatment resumes. Remember Ron & Linda in your prayers.
Thom & Becky Miller-Continue to pray for them.
Dennie Kendall- had a high red blood count and they have called him back to the cancer center for more tests. Waiting on test results. Please keep him in your prayers.
Eric Kendall (son of Dennie & Diane Kendall)-has enlarged pancreas & is being seen at the BC cancer center. Keep this family in your prayers.
LaRine Brennan- had some difficulties and is back at The Laurels. She needs healing.
Mary Ann Plato-had surgery on her left caratoid artery 1/20 which went well. She is home & doing great except she can’t talk well. 
Robert Sanders-he has fallen recently & is in constant pain. Pray for Robert for body and mind.  Remember Marilyn as well. Thank you.
Teri White Vaden (sister-in-law of Betty Rial)-had a heart cath and stents put in 1/18. Pray for her healing and keep her family in your prayers as well.
Connie Maurer-she has a Baker’s cyst behind her right knee.  She will be seeing an orthopedic doctor 1/30. (2/2) She got a cortisone shot in her knee & it’s feeling better!
Carol Travis (HCBC)-had first eye surgery 1/18 & the other eye 1/25.  Pray for a quick recovery.
Larry Sonicksen-is having a breathing test on 1/9 to see if he can undergo a pending surgery on 1/11. (1/12) lung surgery went well. Test results were negative which is GREAT! PRAISE GOD! Pray for healing.
Jane (friend of Scott Lorencen)-she just learned that the cancer she had been battling for 29 years has returned. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
Pat Seal - has broken her shoulder in 3 places and may need a replacement. She will be having shoulder surgery on February 7th. Please keep her and Les in your prayers.
Chuck Collins - He will be having surgery on Tuesday at Borgess to take care of an aneurysm behind his knee.  (1/31) Chuck is out of recovery and in a "regular" room.  Please continue to pray for him and Corky as he recovers.
Kalbey Matthews ((Bruce and Vickie Hill's grandson (not Ivan and Patsy's daughter)) was shot in the head and surgery cannot be done at this time. (2/2) It appears Vicki's grandson is going to be okay. He needs prayer for his salvation. Thank you for your prayer support.
Ginny Brown - her daughter has been diagnosed with breast cancer and Ginny is requesting prayer.
Ron & Donna Feiser -were in a car accident 2/1. Their truck was totaled but they only suffered moderate injuries. Pray for them.

Family of Gordon Eldred - passed away Jan 21. Please pray for Nancy and the family.



This page was updated: February 2, 2017