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Brain Storming Session
August 6, 2014

Establish Men's Group
Canning/Cooking/Freezer/Nutrition fellowship class
Community Dinner (Swiss Steak?)
Veteran's Day / Color Guard, i.e. dinner in honor (Guard Base folks)
Shoebox Ministry
Visitation:  treats, Jesus videos
Formally announce visitor cards – ushers distribute
Person to do bulletins - Secretary - interns
Family Movie Night
Holiday Ministry - serve those alone, w/out family (elderly, etc.)
Stuff the Bus
Partner w/Sonoma School (Mary Martha)
Adopt Family at Holiday
Follow up w/those who stop coming (buddy system)
Christmas Caroling (to Haven?)
Christmas Program
Easter Ministry - out of Building
Add folks to Jail Ministry, Bibles for Missions
Compile list of ministries/opportunities to serve
Leadership Class (perhaps memorize scripture)
Partner w/Haven Kid Ministries to support throughout year
New Believer Program - Buddy/Mentor (4 Spiritual Laws)
Read "What Every Christian Should Know"
2-Part Series, "How to Win Folks to Christ" and "How to Share Jesus w/out Fear"
Collaborating w/other churches (not lose momentum)
Reach out to young families & couples – Family Activity Night (watch kids for shopping, dinner, etc.)
Disaster Relief Support & Volunteers
Focus on reaching out to visitors each service


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We can accomplish more by time and strength
put into prayer and bible study then we can
by putting the same amount of time and
strength into anything else.

R.A. Torrey


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